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• Following are ways for you to participate in Jesus Alive Ministries. Our first request would be for you to seek the Lords counsel regarding your participation. Following the Lords’ lead and not our own is how we fulfill our purpose in the body of Christ. We also ask that you review our “Statement of Faith” and our “Mission Statement” to make sure you are in agreement with them.

Statement of Faith     Mission Statement

• Foremost we are looking for the body of Christ to work together in unity. With this in mind, whenever we are participating in any arena of the Mission Statement, our eyes and hearts should focus on Jesus, always mindful of how He would want us to act and what would He have us do. This becomes clearer as we open up our hearts to the seed of God’s word. We need Jesus’ help as well as each other in our every day lives to maintain our focus on Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Praise and Worship Events and Concerts

• Attending Praise and Worship events and concerts are a great way to participate. You can go to the Praise and Worship concerts calendar on our web page for the schedule, description, directions and detail for each event.

Special Events

Each year the body of Christ schedules special fellowship events. These include dinners, prayer events, Golf outings, honorarium events, walks, marches, outreaches and yard sales. These events are also listed on our web page under the heading of “Special Events”.


• Jesus Alive Ministries knows the importance of prayer to our Christian walk. If you have any prayer requests, you can go to the “Prayer Request” link on our web page and summit your request. One of our prayer teams will lift up your request to the Lord.

• Also we need your prayers as well. Participation in prayer for Jesus Alive Ministries and the Body of Christ is of great importance. Please pray for Jesus Alive Ministries what God puts on your heart.

• Our specific request is that you pray the following for Jesus Alive Ministries: that our path is that of the Father, not our own, and that our eyes are always fixed on Jesus.

Bringing Hope & Healing to the Hungry and Homeless

• You can also be involved in Jesus Alive by helping us help other Ministries serve Jesus as they obediently give of themselves. Bringing hope and healing to the hungry and homeless is at the heart of Jesus Alive. With this on our hearts we support Lighthouse Mission, Hope for the Future, Maureen’s Haven, God’s Provision, Faith in Action and River of Life ministries. They are on the front line to help the homeless, hungry and needy on Long Island and New York City.

• Specifically you can bring non-perishable food and clothing to any Jesus Alive event or attend one of our workshop meetings. (For time and dates click on “
Workshop Meetings”, “Praise and Worship Events” or the “Special Events” link) You can also call 631-277-4365 to arrange a pick up if you cannot make any of these events.

Click below for list of suggested items to Help the Hungry and Homeless

Suggested Items for Donation

• You can also bring a cash or check donation to any one of the Events or Mail Check or Money order made payable to: Jesus Alive, PO Box 78, East Islip, NY 11730.

Support of Ministries Spreading the Gospel to all the World

• Spreading the Gospel to all the world is our Great Commission. There are so many wonderful ministries that need help and support in order to accomplish this task. With this in mind Jesus Alive helps other ministries in many ways. A few of the ways we help are: financial support, time and labor, advertising, and helping match up needs with resources. In line with this, we have the following services on our web page, “Specific Needs of Ministries Across the Island” and “Did you know about this ministry”. The “Did you know about this Ministry” introduces various ministries across the Island and what they are about. This gives Christians the knowledge of ministries across the Island that they might not otherwise have a chance to learn about. And the “Specific needs of Ministries across the Island” contains the needs of the body of Christ, from paying jobs to specific items or volunteers that may be needed.

• We also will post other ministries Praise and Worship or Special Events on our web page. You can visit the Praise and Worship Section or Special Events section of our web page to see some examples of the information that is needed to post an event. You can go to the contact us section of the web page and e-mail us this request or call 631-277-4365 for more information. You can also mail your flyer or advertising document to Jesus Alive requesting to be added. You must include a short letter including that your ministry accepts our “Statement of Faith” and how you can be contacted. (Include in e-mail as well) Information needed is Event Title, Place, Time and Date, Description of Event and Directions.

Let us all keep in mind that the best way to spread the Gospel of Jesus is to love one another and be the example to the world that our Father so wants us to be!