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Jesus Alive Testimonies
  Rheanne, Surrey, BC, Canada  
  note: i am sorry if this is not clear or very meaningful. my memory is *very* poor and my story-telling skills are next to none. all my life (all fifteen years of it) i had been sub-conciously searching for a filler. something to occupy this empty void inside of me. i tried many things over the years: music, books, friends, art, a boyfriend. nothing worked. i was raised by my christian father and atheist mother. i was never taught who christ was or what had happened to earn my salvation. i was just some kid who meant nothing to the world.  
  my transition from elementary school to high school was when things began to plunge. imagine if you will an airplane diving in a tailspin, with a nice inferno to accompany it. because i did not have any friends coming with me from my old school,  
  i had to make some new ones. my sense of judgement has never been great and i found myself among the wrong people.  
  i am thankful that i was not into drug abuse and sex like some of my new found peers, but i was quickly becomig a masochist, depressed, and even suicidal. but luckily god decided that at that point it was time to intervene.  
  thankfully god knew just who to put in my life. my little sister, and my now-best-friend-ex-boyfriend. my sister kept me focused. i had to look out for her, and my boyfriend, unaware, helped to sow a small seed in my mind. that seed--jesus christ.  
  i do not recall the exact moment i accepted jesus into my life. i cannot remeber when i began to believe in him for who he was and what he had done for me. it was a very gradual climb up a hill of loose stones. actually, i am still climbing,  
  but god has thrown a rope for me. and as i grow in christ i find my self givin a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and hope. praise the lord! ps. sorry for all of the spelling and grammatical errors.